Aaga Trade Test Centre

Aaga Trade Test Centre

Having experience in this field for more than 12+ years we have delivered what we have promised. Quailty environment for trade testing of skilled and semi skilled men. Our work precedure is simple and straight and accepted by all our trusted business parteners who are benefitted from our services.

How we do the process step by step  ?

We do our work with a simple and straight mindset. We've laid some strict ground rules for candidates and even for ourselves to which we adhere to and also tell everyone to do so. Any kind of bribery or contact calling is highly unacceptable in any case. Tests are done with both theory and practical in mind depending upon the trade by certified engineers and experienced people who can understand the candidate's proficiency and skill set, therefore crediting them according to their skill and potential.


 Manpower Trade Testing

Manpower Trade Testing

We are provide the services of Manpower services.
Practical test for your Manpower

We have high experienced technical officers and civil engineer, who can test your candidate at our associate site trade test centers & live sites,
New AAGA International is ready to undertake your Manpower candidate’s practical test on our associate site trade test centers & live sites honorary and you can rely on us.

We also provide Interview / Practical test of our clients and GCC Sponsors at our associate site trade test centers for complete particular day at free of cost.

We test the below categories in our sites center:


Fabrication & Fitting:      
Pipe Fitter Pipe Fabricator Steel Fabrication Sheet Metal Fabricator
S.S. Sheet Fabricator Duct Fabricator Duct Erector Duct Insulator
Duct Man Steel (Structure) Fabricator Duct Fitter Aluminum Fabricator
Aluminum Fitter Aluminum Wall Cladding Pipe Cladding  
Diesel Water pump Mechanic Petrol Mechanic Diesel Mechanic Auto Denter
Auto Electricians (Heavy/Light) Radiator Mechanic Hydrolic Mechanic Tyre Man
Motor Cycle Mechanic Bosch Pump Mechanic    
Arc Welder Arc Welder(3G & 4G) S.S. Arc Welder(1G & 3G) Structure Welder
Chassis Welder Grill Welder Gas Welder Gas Cutter
6G SMAW(Arc) + X-Ray Welder S.S Pipe Welder(6G Position) 6G Welder(SMAW) Arc 6G Welder(GTAW) Argon TIG
MIG (CO2) Welder/ (FCAW Welder) S.S. Argon Plate Welder (1G & 3G) 6G Welder (GTAW + SMAW) 6G GTAW(TIG) + X-Ray Welder
Pipe Welder      
House/Building Electrician High voltage Electrician Industrial Electrician Generator Electrician
Motor Winder      
Electronic Technician Fire Alarm Technician E.P.B.A.X. Technician Center Intercom Technician
T.V./V.C.R/C.D./D.V.D/Mp3 Player Technician Instrument Technician (ELECTRONICS) Instrument Technician MECHANICAL (Oil & Gas Field) Fax Machine Technician
Mobile Technician Lift & Escalator Technician    
Mason(Plaster & Bricks) Tiles Mason(Wall & Floor) Mason(All Rounder) Tiles & Marble Mason
Plumber Shuttering Carpenter R.C.C. Fitter Wall Painter
Wall Spray Painter Plaster Of Paris (P.O.P) P.O.P & Gypsum Board Fixer Wall Painter Designer (Texture)
Marble Fixer Marble Cutter & Grinder Wall Painter Designer Marble Cutter
Air Condition:      
Refrigerator & deep Freezer Mechanic A.C. Mechanic (Window & Split With Pipe Bending & Gas welding) Central Plant A.C. Mechanic Chiller Plant Mechanic
Car A.C. Mechanic H.V.A.C. Mechanic Seald Comp Mechanic Cold Storage Mechanic
Lathe Machine Operator Shaping Machine Operator Milling Machine Operator Boring Of Cylinder
Crank Shaft Grinder Die Maker    
Roti Maker Salad maker Cook (Arabic, Indian, Chinese & Tandori)  
Sun Glass Film Fixer Fiber Glass Technician Glass Cutter Kitchening Glass
Glass Designer      
Furniture Carpenter Shuttering Carpenter Finishing Carpenter Carving Carpenter
Carpenter Turner Furniture Polisher Hand & Spray    
Sign Board Artist Book Binder Screen Printer Offset Machine Operator
Tailoring & Embroiders:      
Ladies Tailor (Stitching& cutting) Gents Tailor (Stitching & cutting) Stitching Tailor (Gents / Ladies) Computer Embroidery machine Operator
Coat Maker Machine Embroider Aari Machine Embroider. Hand Embroider
Juki Machine Operator Sofa Maker Car Seat Maker Curtain Maker
Heavy Equipment Driving/ Operating:      
Bulldozer Operator Track Skidder Tractor Driver Grader Operator
Skid Steer Loader Excavator Operator Pocklain Operator JCB Operator
Shovel Operator Backhoe Operator Backhoe Loader Operator Loader Operator
Boom Truck Operator Crane Operator Forklift Operator Trailer Driver
Roller Operator Pop Cat Operator Heavy Driver Crusher Operator
Drop Hammer Operator Roadheader Operator Dump Truck Driver  
Light Driving:      
Private Car Driver Taxi Driver Van Driver Pick Up Driver


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