Video Conferencing

§  What is Video Conferencing?

§  Video conferencing brings people together for meetings without them having to be physically present in the same location. This saves travel time and costs, and facilitates more frequent contact with your employees, employers, colleagues, partners, suppliers, and customers.
Videoconferencing provides remote participants with many of the same advantages of a face-to-face meeting including being able to see each other's facial expressions and body language. It also allows people to share files and data, so that it is easy to hold online interviews, presentations, review documents and take immediate decisions. Increasingly cost-effe ctive, video conferencing can benefit all organizations of all the sizes.
By using the Video Conferencing facilities you can conduct the face-to-face interviews across the globe for hiring of talented professionals.

§  System Specifications

§  A Video Conferencing studio offering ISDN national & international connection is available at WTC. It is equipped with Picture Tel swift site with 29" Sony TV Monitor having ITU standard H-320, and transmission speed 56-128 kbps. Companies now can conduct interviews & meetings through this facility with professionals and executives all over the world at affordable cost.

§  Location

§  Skype Conferencing Facility are available at our office premises.