India Treasure and Talent

In technological driven Global economy, the skilled people are at premium. They had to listen to the demands of the industry and wanted to remain competitive in the global context. Since skilled personnel were not in a buyer's market, a policy of " managed migration " had become imperative all over the World.

Highly skilled Indian professionals are in high demand and required all over the World, in specialized areas such as educational, health care, transportation, hydrocarbon, engineering, science and information technology, areas of prime importance to commerce and trade all over the World.

India, has a treasure of highly skilled and most competent professionals, ranks first in information technology and third in technical, engineering and scientific excellence and stands tenth industrialized nation in the World today.

The services of IT professionals, engineers, doctors, technicians and skilled workers from India have attracted appreciation in the developed Countries and as a matter of fact many countries like Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Yemen followed by United States, UK, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia and New Zealand are actively seeking the services of Indian professionals.

For major U.S. Companies, eyeing investment in IT Sector in India, "the biggest thing India has got going, from a multinational point of view, is tremendous reservoir of technically trained people", says a top official of a U.S. technology transfer Company. India's huge pool of English-speaking engineers and technicians has also drawn popular American Companies to tap India's low-cost capacity to develop software for exports.

Millions of Indian immigrants and residents in United States - one of this Country's most successful foreign-born communities - have become a major link between the two Countries. Now foreign Companies are planning to spend more than US$50 Billion by the year 2005, in the high-tech industry in India in spite of slow-down in U.S. economy - says a report in Business Week, New York.

Indians in the U.S. with their high education, have an edge over other Asians in the country and have the capability to excel in everything from genes to jeans and from motels to medicines, "the Wall Street Journal" has said.

The remittances made to our country by Indians working abroad continues to constitute an important part of our foreign exchange earnings, which helps India to stabilize its economy. It is reported that during the year 2000, India received foreign exchange worth US$20 Billion from Gulf States, by way of foreign exchange inward remittances from our countrymen working abroad.

Taking into consideration the tremendous and vast reservoir of technically trained manpower resources in India, we are continuing our business operations for the last twenty-five years in HRD field with sole objectives of providing professional human resources for industrial productivity, eradicating the unemployment in India and providing the better life and living standards to our countrymen.

Aaga International, an interactive recruitment solutions portal from Aaga International, is the result of our dedicated efforts and over six months research study in the specialized area of Human Resources Recruitment Management.

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