Our Quality Assurance

Aaga International Management Consultants, invest considerable amount of time and efforts to gain a thorough understanding of our client's HR requirements, type of industry, its major competitors and workout the strategic planning & schedules. Based on our merits and goals to exceed client expectations the following Quality Assurance Standards and Procedures have been globally recognized and acceptable.

  • Recruitment assignment should be executed on the basis of a written requisition that specifies the key position, its duties and responsibilities as well as required profile of a candidate in terms of formal educational qualifications, age, relevant industry specific experience, communication skills and personality characteristic.
  • The recruitment assignment is undertaken based on formal Memorandum of Understanding or an agreement with the client specifying exclusivity of the assignment, scope of services to be provided, delivery and deadlines, terms and conditions of retainer ship plan and payment of professional recruitment fees and reimbursement of incidentals including cost of advertisements approved by the client organization.
  • Feedback and communications during the execution of the assignment to be provided to the client organization with recruitment status report subject to the condition that it has been agreed upon beforehand.
  • The most ideal candidate generation through our databases, advertising, industry contacts and through market research activities should cover a major part of the targeted companies, business management institutions and organizations where required talent, expertise and experience is available focusing on the identity of the positions and individuals who hold this experience.
  • Screened and finally short-listed candidates should meet the ideal choice and job profile specifications of the client organization.
  • As our normal practice, resume of short-listed candidates will be presented formally to the client organization with a full details of their background experience and specific accomplishments achieved over the years in their respective professional career, accompanied by a written report with our recommendations indicating their strengths and weaknesses about their match to the job requirements of the desired appointment.
  • Finally recommended candidates or finalists will only be presented to the client organization after their approval and only after at least one extensive interview with our Senior Consultant.
  • A detailed and thorough background check audit is undertaken of the finally recommended candidates, according to the needs of our client and only regarding "finalists" to whom our client is to make an final offer.
  • Educational and academic degrees and experience certificates are to be verified and validated independently through direct contact with relevant Universities and past employers.
  • Candidates should be treated with respect and dignity as if they were clients.
  • The Consultant or Recruitment Co-Coordinator or Recruitment Manager should work with the client to manage the negotiation process, including advice on cost of living, Immigration rules and regulations in the host country, visa assistance, air-tickets etc to migrating candidates and relocation assistance, in order to achieve clients objectives.
  • A few months after the appointed candidate starts in his/her new job, the consultant will follow up with the candidate's experience in the new position, as well as the client's evaluation. This process should ensure a smooth transition, provide an opportunity for feedback and confirm client satisfaction.
  • The recruitment process should be managed very carefully during the execution of the clients' HR requirements; progress status report in two weeks, shortlist of interviewed candidates in approximately two to three weeks and thereafter, and employment offers to selected candidates within ten working days. Thus, the recruitment cycle time for completion of assignment may vary from 30-40 days, depending upon clients' urgency and circumstances involved.
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